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Welcome to DoNotAge.org, where we are on a mission to extend the healthy lifespan for as many people as possible.

We want to share with you the latest information from leading longevity researchers and provide you with products and advice to help you live a healthier life for longer. What sets us apart is that we offer our products at the lowest price possible, unlike other companies that try to get away with charging the highest price. Plus, all our information and advice is completely free!

Join our community of over 100,000 members worldwide, with a majority residing in the United States. We have a dedicated board of advisors consisting of longevity scientists, an anti-aging writer, and a medical doctor. When it comes to our products, we carefully curate each ingredient to ensure the highest quality. We also collaborate with various researchers, charities, and individuals interested in the field of aging. Rest assured, our parent company, Peace Products Limited, puts your healthy lifespan and longevity first. With a team of expert advisors, including a leading longevity professor, doctor of medicine, and longevity writer, we provide you with scientifically-backed information on the science behind our products and mission.

And the best part? We offer free delivery on orders over $100 (USA), £50 (UK), €300 (EU), and $400 (worldwide). We guarantee the purity of our products and deliver them right to your door. So join us in our pursuit of a longer, healthier life with DoNotAge.org!


At DoNotAge.org, our mission is simple: to extend the healthy lifespan for as many people as possible. We believe that age should not be a limiting factor in living a fulfilling and vibrant life. Through our commitment to research, product development, and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals to enhance their well-being and longevity.

DoNotAge.org’s Mission

Extending healthy lifespan

At the core of our mission is the desire to extend the healthy lifespan of individuals. We understand that aging is a natural part of life, but we also recognize the potential for improving the quality of life as we age. Through our research and development efforts, we aim to identify innovative approaches, products, and practices that can help individuals age in a healthy and vibrant manner.

Goal of reaching as many people as possible

We believe that everyone should have access to the resources and information necessary to embrace a healthy lifespan and fulfilling life. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their background or financial status, and empower them to take control of their own health and well-being. We strive to make our products and advice affordable and accessible to all.

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Sources of Information

Utilizing data from leading longevity researchers

In our pursuit of extending healthy lifespan, we rely on the expertise and insights of leading longevity researchers. By collaborating with these experts, we are able to gather the latest scientific knowledge and translate it into practical solutions for our community members.

Development of products and advice for healthy living

Drawing from the research and information provided by leading longevity and health span researchers, we develop products and provide advice to promote healthy living. From dietary supplements to lifestyle recommendations, our aim is to offer a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health and a healthy lifespan.

Affordability and Accessibility

Providing products at the lowest possible price

Unlike other companies that prioritize profit margins, we prioritize the health and well-being of our community members. We strive to keep our products accessible by offering them at the lowest possible price. Our commitment to affordability ensures that individuals can prioritize their health without breaking the bank.

Contrasting with companies selling at high prices

Unfortunately, many companies in the health and wellness industry exploit the desire for longevity by charging exorbitant prices for their products. At DoNotAge.org, we believe in offering fair and transparent pricing. We stand in stark contrast to these companies, putting the well-being of our community before profit.

Offering free information and advice

In addition to affordable products, we also provide free information and advice to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Our website is a valuable resource for accessing scientific research, educational articles, and practical tips for living a healthier and longer life. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

DoNotAge.orgs mission is to extend healthy lifespan for as many people as possible.

MAHER MADANAT, MD Doctor of Medicine.

Do Not Age Community

Over 100,000 members worldwide

Our community is comprised of over 100,000 individuals from all around the globe. People from diverse backgrounds and walks of life come together to learn, share experiences, and support each other on their journey towards improved healthy lifespan and longevity.

Majority residing in the United States

While our community members hail from various countries, the majority of our members reside in the United States. This diversity allows us to learn from different cultures and experiences, enriching our understanding of healthy living practices across the globe.

Board of Advisors

Longevity scientists

To stay at the forefront of longevity research, we have assembled a board of advisors consisting of esteemed longevity scientists. These experts bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to guide our healthy lifespan research and product development efforts. With their guidance, we can confidently offer well-researched and effective solutions to our community.

Anti-aging writer

In addition to longevity scientists, we have an anti-aging writer on our board of advisors. Their expertise in communicating complex scientific concepts in an accessible manner allows us to effectively share important information and research findings with our community.

Medical doctor

To ensure that our products and advice align with the highest medical standards, we have a medical doctor as part of our board of advisors. Their expertise helps us develop evidence-based solutions and provides guidance on the compatibility of our products with existing medical treatments.

DoNotAge.orgs mission is to extend healthy lifespan for as many people as possible.

VERA GORBUNOVA, PHD. Leading longevity professor.

Longevity Product Suite

Curated ingredients for quality

Our healthy lifespan & longevity product suite is designed with careful consideration of the quality and effectiveness of each ingredient. We curate ingredients based on extensive research to ensure that our products deliver on their promises. By leveraging the latest scientific advancements, we aim to provide our community with the best possible solutions for healthy aging.

Range of products offered

Our product suite offers a diverse range of solutions to address various aspects of healthy aging. From dietary supplements to skincare products, each item is carefully crafted to cater to specific needs and preferences. We strive to provide options that fit seamlessly into our community members’ daily routines.

Collaboration and Partnership

Working with researchers, charities, and individuals in aging field

We believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the field of aging. We actively seek partnerships with researchers, charities, and individuals who share our vision of extending healthy lifespan. Through these collaborations, we can leverage collective knowledge, resources, and expertise to accelerate advancements in longevity research and product development.

Parent Company

Peace Products Limited

DoNotAge.org is a subsidiary of Peace Products Limited. As a parent company, Peace Products Limited shares our commitment to promoting health and wellness. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals around the world by offering accessible and effective solutions for healthy aging.


At DoNotAge.org, we are dedicated to extending the healthy lifespan for as many people as possible. Through our collaboration with leading researchers, development of high-quality products, and commitment to affordability and accessibility, we aim to empower individuals to live longer, healthier lives. Our community-driven approach, supported by a diverse board of advisors and partnerships, reinforces our mission to make a positive impact on the field of aging. Together, let us embrace a future where age is not a barrier to a fulfilling and vibrant life.


DoNotAge.org is primarily a research organization with a mission: to extend the healthy lifespan for as many people as possible. Through their collaboration with leading researchers, development of high-quality products, and commitment to affordability and accessibility, they aim to empower individuals to live longer, healthier lives. Their dedication to research and innovation sets them apart, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the latest advancements in longevity and well-being.

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My wife and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. As is often the case, my wife has been "encouraging" me to improve my food & lifestyle choices for a number of years. Now that I am approaching 60 years old I am finally starting to listen, and (of course) it is paying off. In the last 2 years my BMI has gone from 29.5, down to 22. My fitness & general health have improved dramatically, and people that haven't seen me for awhile are quite shocked, and think I look 10 years younger. And all this with little or no effort, just smarter lifestyle and food choice choices. I now understand that food choices alone do make a huge difference to general health and wellbeing, fighting disease, and aiding in all areas including mental health and longevity. My wife knew this already (-: Through this this website I hope to spread the word and help others. With lifestyle adjustments, and the right supplements, we can all live much better, happier, and longer lives. So...what's holding you back? Good luck with your own journey!! Wayne & Maggie.